Freight Forwarding

Specialized software designed to streamline and optimize various aspects of freight forwarding processes for freight forwarders.


Improve Efficiency and Accuracy

Using these tools, helps to achieve greater success and growth in today’s highly competitive business landscape.

Setup WorkSpace

Set up the system for the definition and calculation type for import and export charges.

Manage User & Group

Add, remove, edit, manage lists, and assign permissions for each user, and group.

Automate Process

Set up rules and workflows that are automatically based on predefined conditions to save time and effort.


Solutions Bring Fast and Effective

Be more profitable without sacrificing quality! For your business needs - from price updates to marketing automation - into one efficient toolkit.

Accurate Pricing

Provides accurate quotes to customers, and avoids charging customers too low or too high.

Few Mouse Clicks

With just a few clicks, you can update and edit tens of thousands of tariffs in the system very quickly.

Quick Price Update

Company fees and services can be easily updated. Ensure the speed of providing prices for relevant parts.


Increase Sales By Automating The Process

Sales need software that automates the most time-consuming work. Freightek is the right software solution to boost sales performance.

Many Types of Quotes

Create quotes: port-to-port, port-to-door, door-to-door. Easily add fees and services.

Customize Price

The same price is uploaded to the system, but you can set a different selling price for each customer.

Increase Closing Rates

Track all the quotes you've sent to customers, to deploy an effective follow-up strategy.


Working More Convenient to Increase Efficiency

By providing these solutions, Freightek helps save time, reduce errors, and convenience, all of which contribute to more efficiency.

Upload Booking

Get bookings from shipping lines, upload to the system for storage, or send them directly to customers.

Tracking Shipments

Track shipment progress, notify relevant parties, and update the status on the system.


Automatically fill so that you don't need to spend a lot of time manually entering data anymore.


Manage and Track Documentation Efficiently

Optimizing workflow for the Document Department, which saves time, and reduces manual errors.

Creation Automated

Automates the creation of documents such as bills of lading, to save time and reduce errors.

Storage & Sharing

A centralized repository for all documentation, to access and share documents easily.

Visibility & Tracking

Monitor the status of shipments and ensure that documentation is complete and accurate.


A Comprehensive Platform to Streamline Operations

By utilizing Freightek, freight forwarders can benefit from an integrated solution for managing all aspects of their operations in one place.

Tracking & Updating

Track & update tax payment status, and customs clearance of imported and exported goods on the system.

Get Tasks

Receive tasks from the system to prepare and distribute the necessary documents to the parties.

Manage Contacts

Manage contacts and information of the truck fleet, port, and warehouse staff.


Providing Visibility into Financial Performance

Freightek helps to systematize and manage expenses conveniently and save time.

Billing & Costing

Export billing automatically according to available forms quickly and accurately.

Centralizing Process

Save time and reduce errors, while also providing greater visibility and control of financial operations.

Track Improving

By providing a centralized platform for managing all to ensure that all payments are made on time.


Manage The Company Operations Efficiently

Control and capture the overall operation situation in the company with Freightek, when all information is systematized.

Catch The Report

Quickly capture the detailed results of each department without the need for manual reporting.

Capture Performance

Grasp the business's performance, thereby making strategic business decisions.

Reduce Risk

Providing visibility into potential risks and allowing proactive risk mitigation.

Optimize freight management with Freight Digital FMS