Digital Platform for freight forwarders

Manage rates, quotes, shipments, agents and clients all in the same place. Freightek is designed to automate your work through technology, so your team will have more time to focus on what they do best.

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Lower unit costs. Higher client loyalty. Greater profitability

Get more done with less time


Manage all your rates in one place. All mode included

Monitor and manage a comprehensive set of rates ranging from sea to air to land - all in the same place. You can easily add custom markup to any rates for private clients or agents.


  • Custom markup
  • Rates history
  • Rates sharing
  • Multimodal

Generate professional quotes in seconds

Freightek system allows your sales team to manage freight quotes better than ever. They can easily create new quotes manually or with the help of the quotes wizard system, see the status of all the quotes in one place, so they know exactly which one need their attention.


  • Quote generation system
  • Online booking
  • Quotes status
  • Multiple routes offer

Take control of your shipments

Freightek system helps you manage all your shipments in one place and kept up to date with each shipments status. See details information, upload and manage documents, send message to clients, agents,etc...we covered all.


  • Messages
  • Documents management
  • Realtime tracking
  • Profit/Lost report
  • CRM

Convert more leads into clients with easy-to-use CRM

Manage all your potential clients in a central platform so you can see your whole sales process at a glance. Add deal information, tasks, notes, win probability, ect.


  • Leads stage
  • Leads assignment
  • Update deal information
  • Custom markup

Collaborate with all clients inside the system

You will have full flexibility and control over how to work with each client. Manage details information, view recent search, quotes, shipments, add custom markup and set routes visibility for each client separately.


  • Custom markup
  • Statement of Account
  • Recent activities
  • Client portal

Share rates to your agents easily

View details contact of each agent, add or edit any information, manage all the rates that are shared between you.  With each individual rate, you can add custom markups  for different agents so you will have full control over how you choose to share your rates.


  • Rates sharing
  • Shipment collaboration
  • Custom markup
  • Details information

Analyze your business performance in just a few clicks

You can receive vital insights from our Data like which clients or transport mode bring the most revenue. This way your business will know exactly what to focus on.


  • Profit/Lost report
  • Client report
  • CRM report
  • Shipment report

Make your clients happier with Client Portal

Invite your clients to create a FREE account for better collaboration. It will allow them to get instant quotes, book and manage their shipments online as well as collaborate with you easily inside the platform.  Simplify their work, make them happier and keep them for life.

Get peace of mind with us

Get organized and automated

Many parts of your work will be organized and automated, from managing rates, quotes, shipments to clients, agents, etc. Get more done with less time and effort.

Reliable and High Secure

Data security is taken seriously at Freightek. We use SSL for data in transit, creating a secure tunnel protected by 256-bit AES encryption. Your data is safe with us. 

Simple, easy to use

Freightek platform has been designed to be stress free and easy to use. Our goal is to make your life easier by simplifying complex work.

Anywhere, anytime

Secure, cloud-based platform requires no software to install, and no IT setup required. You can access the platform anywhere, anytime with an internet connection.

Grow faster with digital transformation

More productive team. Happier clients. Low investment.

No credit card required