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All-in-One Solution for Freight Forwarding


Get Peace of Mind with Cloud-based FMS

Organized and Effective Workspace

Freightek workspace is designed to be intuitive and simple to give you easy access to the most important aspects of the software. Additionally, workflows can be customized to suit your processes.

Systematize Freight Rates

With just a few clicks, you can search for prices and upload tens of thousands of tariff routes to the system. In addition, you can also easily upload and manage the fees and associated services.

Create a Quote within 30 Seconds

Instead of working hard on the excel file to create a quote, which takes a lot of time, with the Freightek quote generation system, in just 30 seconds you have a complete quote. Easily add fees and services.

Simple and Easy-to-Operate Shipments

Shipments make your life easier, so we've designed them to be as easy to manage as possible. Create an easy-to-find checklist of what you need and manage it all from one place.

Manage and Improve Customer Service

With its real-time tracking and reporting features, Freightek's software is an essential tool for businesses that want to improve their customer service and build strong, long-lasting relationships with their customers.

Manage Finances and Track Performance

The system streamlines financial and provides businesses with real-time data and insights that can inform their strategic decisions, Freightek's software is an essential tool for businesses that need to manage their finances and stay on top of their performance.

Business Analytics

By leveraging data analytics and machine algorithms, Freightek helps you gain deeper insights into your logistics operations and identify areas for improvement, leading to increased efficiency and cost savings.


New tools automate sales strategies, diversify channels innovatively.

Rates Management

Centralized price management on one platform, making it easy to store and view prices easily without having to use multiple platforms.

Quotes Management

Create and manage quotes easily, and centrally, there is also a list filter for your convenience, quickly see what you want.

Order Management

Manage order list centrally, help you view orders easily, there is also a list filter for your convenience, quickly see what you want.

Client Collaboration

Invite your customers to your customer portal to easily collaborate and bring many benefits to customers, increasing customer care.

Clients Portal

Convenient customer portal in which customers can search rates, book online orders, manage shipments, and invoices, and perform.


A Supportive Tool to Generate More Leads

Registration Link

Using this smart link in your marketing campaigns to auto-collect leads information, and manage them all in one place.

Smart Search Bar

Let your prospects make the instant search for rates, vessel schedules, and tracking containers. Embed this script tag so easy you don't need a developer to do it!

Smart CRM

Manage all your leads and customer information in one place. Saves you time and effort searching and storing these data in many different places.


Powerful Tools For Your Teamwork And Collaboration

Manage your business and collaborate with your team simplistically and easily.

Automation Process

Our freight software helps companies automate their business processes, streamline operations, and increase productivity. Freightek was designed to help you make the most of your time and resources.

Tasks Management

Freightek offers task management making it easy to manage your tasks. You can plan, schedule, and assign tasks with a tap of your finger. You can even track these tasks every time and everywhere.

Customize Documents

Freightek's flexible, customizable documentation function allows you to easily create your freight-related documents. Change the content, layout, and style of your freight-related documents, so they fit your needs perfectly.

Cloud Storage

Freightek offer 100% managed storage for all their freight. You can upload, share, export and print their documents from any device with the synced cloud storage, which will help you and your business avoid the hassle of managing your data.

Chat & Collaboration

Freightek has the right features to help you run your business efficiently. Our chat and collaboration tools let you connect with clients, suppliers, and co-workers without any barriers or limitations.

Business Analytics

Provides you with a 360-degree view of your business. With Freightek's business analytics, you can make better decisions faster. We help you manage your logistics and increase efficiency; saving you both time and money.


See What Our Clients Say About Freightek

what they say
“My customers are very satisfied with the service experience at my company since applying the software. They love the quick online quote search. Need any price, just go to the search system without consulting support staff anymore. My company is also supported by Freightek to design a standard website for Logistics businesses, helping my company look more professional in the eyes of customers.”
Ms. Victoria
Director - CargoRise. Trading and Forwarding Services Co., Ltd.
what they say
“The system helps me manage the results in the company more easily and conveniently at any time, normally it takes me weeks and months to receive the report results from the sales manager and general accountant. you didn't need.”
Mr. Harry
Director - Logistica Logistics.
what they say
“Good or not? I use very few features so I can't rate them all. I only find that making bills and sending bills to customers is faster than the old system, I no longer enter debit data very strongly, in the old software every time I want to export a debit to a customer, I have to get a code, which takes a lot of time, sometimes the software is running automatically, but now I feel fine. In my position, customers often ask for information, now with this, I can look up information quickly. The small point is that I don't have to print a lot of paper now.”
Ms. Velvet
Documentation Department - BluePeakShipping.
what they say
“During this pandemic season, I and my team have to work remotely. Fortunately, since the beginning of 2020, my company has integrated this system, so it is not a problem. All personnel and departments are still closely linked to handling orders.”
Mr. Lucas
Director - OceanHaul.