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Do you know of any company in the Logistics industry or an individual who can use Freightek's partner referral program? Become a Freightek Partner and earn a 5% to 25% commission.

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Among the top 35 global freight forwarders are our customers
Among the top 50 global 3PL providers are our customers
Logistics organizations using our software

Welcome to the Partner Program at Freightek!

💫 Our platform is designed to help freight forwarders/logistics companies automate complex processes, increase productivity, and scale up their businesses quickly and efficiently.


Leverage the power of Freightek's cutting-edge technology to grow their businesses and provide their clients with a competitive advantage.


Gain solutions that are designed to streamline complex processes, increase productivity, and help businesses scale up quickly and efficiently.


Create a mutually beneficial between Freightek and companies that offer services in the freight and logistics industry.

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Freightek's Partner

Become Our Global Partner to Grow Your Business

Commission on deals or leads

As a partner, you will receive a commission for every deal or lead you to bring to Freightek. This is a great opportunity to earn additional income through our platform.

Scalable income

The more you sell, the more you earn. With our Partner Program, you have the opportunity to scale your income as you grow your business.

Cutting-edge technology

Our platform is designed to meet the needs of the logistics industry. By becoming a partner, you will have access to the latest technology and be at the forefront of innovation.

Networking opportunities

Having the chance to connect with other companies in the same field, providing access to new clients and opportunities to collaborate and share knowledge and expertise.

Dedicated support

Our team is dedicated to providing partners with the support they need to be successful. You will have access to training to help you promote and sell our products effectively.

Customizable platform

Designed to be flexible and customizable, allowing partners to tailor the platform to meet their unique business needs. Minimizing disruption to your business operations.

Our mission

Our Global Partner Programs

We work with partners from all over the world and have several programs to choose from depending on your business model and unique goals.

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Types of partners at Freightek

Become a Partner of Freightek

Freightek building a diverse network of partners to foster collaboration and empowers partners to leverage their skills and networks to drive business growth.

Ambassadors Partners

Ambassadors are enthusiastic advocates who leverage their expertise and industry connections to promote Freightek's products and services. Ambassadors are rewarded with commissions based on the number of mouse clicks generated through articles, links, and YouTube videos they share.

Affiliates Partners

Affiliates have the opportunity to earn commissions by referring customers or industry insiders to the company's software solutions. By leveraging their networks and relationships, affiliates can promote Freightek's products and services, encouraging others to join the association or become customers.

Resellers Partners

Resellers are who register with Freightek as authorized sellers, enabling them to distribute and sell Freightek's software solutions. However, to ensure quality control and maintain a high standard of service, Freightek screens and evaluates potential resellers before granting them authorized status.

Agencies Partners

Agencies are exclusive sales channels for Freightek in different countries. These partners have deep knowledge of local market dynamics, regulations, and customer preferences, enabling them to effectively represent and market Freightek's offerings to potential clients.

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