Real-Time Tracking

Experience unprecedented visibility into all your shipments with our real-time tracking solution.

Empowering Your Logistics with Real-Time Tracking

Our platform help eliminates the need for manual container tracking and stays updated with real-time automated notifications on the movement of your freight.

All Carrier in One Place

Freightek consolidates all carriers on a single platform, giving you complete visibility and control over your shipments. No more wasting time navigating multiple tracking systems or contacting different service providers for updates.

No More Manual Tracking

Our platform automatically updates real-time data on your shipments, helping you save time, and effort and forget compiling tracking Excel from your vendor’s emails. Enjoy seamless tracking without the need for manual intervention!

Automated Updates

Get real-time notifications and updates directly to your email and mobile device about delays, arrivals, or any changes to your shipment. With timely information at your fingertips, you can proactively address any potential issues, communicate with stakeholders, and ensure smooth logistics.

Improved Customer Relationship

With Freightek's real-time tracking, you can share tracking data with your customers for their specific shipment, help build trust, enhance transparency, and strengthen your customer relationships.

One-Step Tracking

Key in the Master Bill Of Lading/Airway Bill number and carrier name of the concerned shipment to instantly track & trace the movement of your shipment on a single dashboard. Say goodbye to complex tracking processes and enjoy the convenience of streamlined shipment monitoring.