Digital Transformation

Freightek is a software offering a comprehensive toolkit to support more efficient working parts.


Systematize The Management of Rates

With just a few clicks, you can upload tens of thousands of tariff lines to the system. In addition, easily upload and manage the fees and services.

Reminder Tools

Statistics of routes that are about to expire, help you plan for timely updates...

Guaranteed Speed

Fees and services are easily updated. Speedy in providing pricing for the relevant parts.


Enables to compare rates and choose the most cost-effective shipping to increase profit margins.


Increase Efficiency and Improve Sale Performance

With just a few short steps, the system will help you automate more than 30% of your sales process.

Manage Customer List

Your Sales team will have one place to easily track, update and manage all customer information.

Create a Quote in 30s

Freightek's quick quote generator, for all kinds of services, helps to reduce errors and save time.

Set The Selling Price

Same purchase price is uploaded to the system, you can set a different selling price for each customer.

Customer support

Personalize and Proactive Customer Service

By using these tools, C.S. can provide personalized and proactive customer support, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Real-time Visibility

Visibility of shipments, to the provision of accurate and timely updates to customers.

Automate Notification

Automate inform customers of the status of their shipments, to save time and increase efficiency.

Convenient Interact

You can message your customers right within each order. Super convenient to manage and track.


Systematize and Manage Costs More Conveniently

Freightek software helps accounting departments improve efficiency, reduce errors, and make informed decisions.


The information about expenses, invoices,...uploaded to the software will be automatically updated easily.

Closely Linked

The financial metrics are closely linked, very convenient for management and tracking.

Clear Comparisons

Have data factual and authentic to compare with other departments. Minimize risks and mistakes.

truckload & customs

A centralized platform to manage truckload & customs

Fully and centrally manage all the necessary information about Truckload&Customs in one system.

Manage Overview

Centralize information of orders from driver information to customs clearance status on one platform.


Interact with other departments based on orders to share information quickly.

Update & Storage

Update the truckload and customs status of the shipment and storage documents related to this process.


Focus on Growing Businesses

Manage the entire company operations efficiently when all information is systematized.

Generates Documents

Automatically generate various types of documents, to eliminate the need for manual creation.

Document Sharing

Share documents securely with customers, carriers, and suppliers through a single platform.

Document Manage

Store documents in a secure and organized manner, making it easier to access and manage documents.

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