Freight Sales

An innovative logistics application that provides a platform for agents and forwarders to exchange information and share pricing details.


Streamline Communication and Facilitate Collaboration

Provides a user-friendly interface that allows you to easily search for and connect with partners, agents, and co-loaders in your network.


Connect partners in the logistics industry, making it easier to collaborate on projects and find new business opportunities.


By connecting with other agents, users can access new business opportunities and expand their customer base.


Connect with co-loaders that can help you grow your business and serve your customers more effectively.


Ability to UpLoad, Share and Receive Rates

A platform where agents can share pricing information, enabling them to make more informed decisions about selecting providers for their clients.

Upload Rates

Easily upload rates, allowing them to expand their network of providers and earn additional revenue.

Share Rates

By sharing rates, agents can improve transparency and reduce pricing volatility in the industry.

Received Rates

Provides agents with a range of options to choose from when selecting a provider for their clients.


Improve Efficiency and Streamline Sales Activity

From booking orders, managing logistics operations, to closely following shipments, Agents provides the tools to help agents succeed in the fast-paced world of logistics.


Quickly and easily book space on ships, trucks, and other modes of transportation directly through the platform.

Manage Orders

Monitor the status of their orders and take proactive steps to resolve any issues or delays.


Helps to stay informed about any issues or concerns and take action quickly to minimize the impact on their clients.


Growth and Expand Business

An essential tool for any agent or forwarder looking to expand their business and deliver exceptional logistics services to their customers.


Agents and forwarders can create a comprehensive profile that showcases their expertise and services.


Help to stay informed and build credibility with their customers by showcasing their knowledge and expertise.


Communicate directly with each other. This is particularly useful for discussing specific logistics requirements or negotiating prices.

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