Truckload Management

Take control of their transportation operations and stay ahead of the game.


Highly Beneficial Due to Its Seamless Integration

Our feature seamlessly links with our shipment management, and ensures that your truckload operations are always in sync.

Work Effective

All relevant departments can collaborate more efficiently, reduction in the risk of errors.


Optimize transportation operations, reduce costs, and provide better customer service.

Truckload Operations

In sync with shipment management, promotion, and business processes effectively.


Replace Manual Processes with An Automated

Efficient solution for businesses looking to automate truckload management processes.

Real-time Visibility

Tracking shipments, reducing the risk of delays, and improving customer satisfaction.


Automate process by importing orders, loading and unloading orders.


Full container loads (FCL), full truckloads (FTL), and less-than-truckloads (LTL) with ease.


Improve Truckload Operations

By using Freightek's truckload management module, businesses can increase efficiency, and gain a competitive advantage.


Easily attach the file you want to be related to that order, and note the information according to the order.

Add Field

Besides the available fields, we have provided them fully, but you can still add the fields you want.


Optimize truckload planning by considering factors such as shipment size, weight, and delivery schedules.