Salesman and Sales Manager

With convenient tools, Freightek software helps the sales department automate the sales process, thereby increasing the rate of shipments closing.


Manage the Status & Information of Customers

1. Manage various types of customer groups
  • Direct Client.
  • Fowarders.
  • Agents.
2. Customer Information:
  • Company Information.
  • Contracts.
  • Debts.
  • Contact Person.

Manage Markup Rate Strategies Automatically

1. For each customer group.
2. For each container type.
3. For Local Charge and Service Charge.
4. For Import-Export type.
5. For specific shipping routes.

Invite Customers to Their Portal System Page to Make It Easier to Collaborate

1. Create a booking request from the quote.
2. Send quotation directly on the system to receive Order or Feedback.
3. For Customer:
  • Get a quote directly.
  • Direct feedback to the forwarder.
  • Track the information, status, cost, invoice of the shipments.

Quickly Generate Quotes and Automatically Calculate The Expected Profit

1. Create and send your quote super-fast and easily with only a few clicks.
2. Automatically calculate the total revenue, expenditure, and profit in each order very quickly.
3. Replicate existing quotes to reduce data entry.

Manage Your Internal Team's and Client's Quote Requests in One Place

1. Manage all requests from Internal team or from customers.
2. Respond to requests directly on the system in the same place.
shipments MANAGEMENT

Create Orders Quickly and Assign Support People Automatically

1. Create quotes quickly with the rates already available on the system or from the quotation sent.
2. The system allows entering orders quickly by copying data from old orders.
shipments MANAGEMENT

Coordinate and Manage All Orders with The Team in One Place

1. Manage listings and order information:
  • According to the type: FCL, LCL, AIR, Truck FCL, LCL, LTL.
  • According to the type of goods: Export and Import; Freehand, Nominated.
2. Track the progress of activities in shipments.

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