Rates Management

Search price yourself to save time and money, and also reduce errors or hassles of manual work.


Centralized Management of Rates

A centralized management interface allows you to easily access and update prices, reducing errors and saving valuable time.

Storage and Management

With our centralized platform, you can store and manage all your rates without having to go through multiple platforms.

Updates in a Few Clicks

With Frieghtek's intuitive interface, you can easily update your rates with just a few clicks.

Convenient Access

Our centralized platform ensures that you can conveniently access all your pricing information in one place.


Features that Bring Convenience

Freightek provides convenient features for rate management without hassle.

Effortless Viewing

With intuitive and easy navigation, you can see all the rates without any hassle, giving you a seamless experience.

Filter and Sorting

With just a few clicks, you can narrow down the results and focus on the important ratios you're most looking for.

Capture the Status

With clearly divided sections, it is easy to control the status of ratios such as: Available, Expiring soon and Expired.