Vessel Schedule

Freightek Container Tracking System Software is a powerful logistics tool that provides unprecedented visibility, automation, and notification for managing supply chain operations.


Centralized Shipment Tracking and Management

Consolidating data and information from various sources into a centralized system.

Tight Control

Freightek offers unprecedented visibility and control over supply chain operations.

All Carriers in One Place

Track all your shipment with any and every carrier on a single dashboard.

Quick & Easy

Track and manage information in the fastest way, eliminating many steps like having to visit website.


Automation Helps Reduce the Need for Manual Intervention

Automation features can help users reduce the risk of delays and improve overall supply chain performance.

Capture Every Movement

Automatically updates shipment location and status, providing real-time updates to users.

Updates to Your Inbox

Capture essential journey milestones and send automated updates straight to your inbox.

Set Up Alerts

Automated alerts for when a shipment is delayed or at risk of delay, to take measures to resolve any issues and prevent disruptions.


Optimizing operations and Customer Experience

Freightek software and many new and outstanding features, bring many benefits to businesses.

Improve Customer Relationships

Tracking data also be shared with customers for their specific shipments, providing detailed journey updates on their shipments.

Optimize Shipping Schedules

By analyzing data on shipping times, distances, and costs, the software can identify the most efficient routes and schedules for each shipment.

Improve Accuracy

The software helps to ensure that shipment information is accurate and up-to-date, reducing the risk of errors or miscommunications.

Get Logistics Real- Time Visibility into Your Supply Chain!