Quotes Management

You can manage quotes and client inquiries side by side to stay on top of your sales process with the help of Freightek.


Quickly View All Quotes at A Glance

Keep track of all your quotes in one place. Filter quotes by status or mode in one click.

All-in-one Platform

No need to look at information in many places, just on a single, easy to focus platform.

Filter Information

Filter the information need to see most, without having to spend time filtering and aggregating.

Comprehensive Overview

Provides all their quote activity, enabling to track and manage the entire quote lifecycle.


Create. Send. Edit Quote Generation Simplified

Create and send your quote super-fast and easily with our powerful quote generation system.

Create a Quote Quickly

Freightek's system-based quick quote generator, within 30 seconds.

Edit and Send Directly

Edit directly on a quote, then send it out quickly and easily.

Multiple Types of Quotes

Create Port to Port, Port to Door, Door to Door. Add fees and services easily.


Collaborate Effectively Within Every Quote

Freight Software is an easy-to-use, powerful, and flexible quoting software that helps you manage, organize and collaborate on quotes.

Track Status of The Quote

Easily track the status of all the quotes you've sent to guests. Simple and quick.

Favorable Communication

Conveniently send and receive messages, between you and the client, and with your internal team.

Exchange Convenient

Direct exchange on quotation, easy to grasp the situation. Add, remove members for quote messages.