CRM Management

A comprehensive platform to effectively manage potential leads to streamline operations, improve satisfaction, and drive business growth.


One Place to Manage and Organize Information

Collect and organize actionable potential leads data to gain valuable insights and increase sales.


Can add the items you want to help you manage your customers more conveniently and fit your needs.

One Platform

Manage all of your leads on a single platform. Very convenient to look at and manage.


Maintain all including customer contact information, data on their invoicing, and quotes.


Increase efficiency, and drive business growth

By leveraging these features, logistics companies to improve their customer relationships, and increase satisfaction and loyalty.

Task Management

Create and manage lead and customer-related tasks to ensure that follow-up and care are proactive.

Markup and Markup Rates

Set up markup rates for different services and customize them based on the needs of each customer.

Recent Quotation

Track recent quotations to ensure following up with leads promptly. Increase chances of success.


Bringing many benefits to enhance the business

Provide a range of benefits, including improved customer relationships, increased efficiency, enhanced communication, and scalability.

Save time

Fill in customer information quickly in the available form, which can also upload from a file.

Effective business

Grasp better customers' needs and behavior to effectively manage business resources.


Identify the main points to contact them, thus enhancing individual customer service.