Vessel Schedule

Optimize your supply chain and gain a competitive edge with Freightek's comprehensive Vessel Schedule.

Maximize the efficiency of your logistics operations.

Freightek Vessel Schedules facilitates stress-free shipment planning and smart decision-making by offering the latest sailing schedules of various carriers and invaluable industry insights.

Accurate Planning

Our advanced platform allows you to optimize your supply chain with up-to-date and round-the-clock access to accurate and up-to-date sailing schedules for all carriers on one dashboard only.

Benchmarked Freight Rates

Eliminate the scope of overpayments by comparing your booking rate with industry benchmarked rates. Our platform leverages historical data, market trends, and industry insights to provide you with comprehensive rate comparisons.

Carrier Performance

Choose the right carrier via historical schedule reliability analysis based on carrier performance data captured over several years. By partnering with the most reliable carriers, you ensure consistent service and customer satisfaction.