Provider Management

The Freightek software will help you to manage and organizes information about the suppliers without any hassle.


Easy, Hassle-Free Management

Freightek software provides you with convenient features to make managing and organizing your providers easier and more convenient.


Organize all your provider information and contacts in one central platform.

Manage Many Types

Provides you with many types such as; Carriers, Air Lines, Trucking Vendors,...

Easy Management

Easily accessed and updated, reducing the time and effort to manage provider information.


Flexible in the software help work more efficiently

Put, Upload, and Keep all of your providers organized and easily accessible by centralizing their information in one convenient location.

Put information

Put provider information in 2 ways: both manually and upload from an excel file.

Import provider list from excel

Upload hundreds of providers in minutes from your CSV Excel file.


I filter by what you want to know quickly like: Name, Contact Person,...