Upload and manage thousands of rates easily from a single dashboard. Share rates with clients and agents in a few clicks.


A Centralized Platform to Manage All Rates

Consolidate all the rate information from different carriers and modes of transport into a single system.

Sea. Air. Road

You can get access to any route, either Sea, Air, or Road within seconds.

Consolidate Rate

Making it easy to compare and select the best rates for their shipment.

Everything in One Place

No more switching back and forth between dozens of Excel files to manage thousands of rates.


Automate The Process of Create and Updating Rates

Real-time rate updates and integration, helps businesses improve productivity and reduce costs, while ensuring that the rates are correct.

Automatically Generate

Streamlines the rate creation process, saves time, and reduces the risk of errors.

Manual Removal

No longer need to manually enter rates for each shipment, help reduce errors and ensure the correct rates.

Upload Thousand of Rates

Just choose your rate file in CSV Excel format and match the fields you want to upload.


Optimize Freight Rates and Reduce Costs

With Freightek, you can manage & customize rates for multiple carriers and save time by having one rate for all your shipments.

Analyze Historical Rates

Enables businesses to achieve significant cost savings and improve their supply chain performance.

Carrier Pricing

Negotiate better rates with carriers, select the most cost-effective shipping options.

Real-time Updates

Instantly see any changes in rates, carrier availability, or transit times, enabling make informed decisions.