Freight Digital FMS

Transform your Freight Management with Freightek Digital FMS.

WORKSPACE management

Manage All Aspects of Your Business in One Place

From rates management to quotes management, shipments management to CRM, and accounting to business analytics, Digital FMS provides you with the tools and resources you need to run your business with ease and efficiency.

Multiple Workplaces

Manage both local and international freight forwarders from one platform.

All Departments

Bring together all your departments to work in collaboration and increase efficiency.

All Business Operations

Access all features for comprehensive business management.

Rates management

Take Rates Management to The Next Level

Integrates seamlessly with our rate management feature, and easily keeps track of the cost of all your shipments, from quote to delivery.

Innovative Tool

Upload and manage thousands of rates easily and automatically from a single dashboard.

One Centralized Platform

Manage all the charges of service you provide. Including freight, local charges of provider, and services on your own.

All Modes of Transport

Get access to any routes, either Sea, Air, or Road within seconds.

QUotes management

Simplify Your Quote Generation Process

Quote generation for your freight forwarder business, streamline operations, and make your business more efficient and profitable.


Automate quote generation, profit markup, calculations, and quote sending.


Maximize profit on shipments, freeing up time for you to focus on growing your business.


Create professional-looking quotes in just a few seconds.

ShIPMENTS management

Managing Shipments Efficiently to The Success

Streamline your shipment processes, allowing you to handle all types of shipments including exports, imports, and domestics with ease.

Comprehensive Solution

Handle all types of shipments including exports, imports, and domestics with ease.

All Shipment Process

Streamline your shipment processes from booking to billing, enhancing efficiency.

Collaborative Platform

All departments work together in real-time to ensure coordination and work effectively.

TRUCKLOAD management

Take Control of Your Transportation Operations

Say goodbye to manual processes and hello to a more efficient and organized truckload management system to stay ahead of the game.

Truckload Operations

Effortlessly optimize truckload operations, reducing costs and improving efficiency.

All Types of Truckloads

Easily manage all types of truckloads including FCL, FTL, and LTL.

Effective Collaboration

Seamless linking helps all relevant departments work and collaborate more effectively.

Provider management

Easy Managing Multiple Providers

Keep track of all your providers in one place, and make data-driven decisions that will improve your bottom line.

All Types of Providers

Manage all types including carriers, airlines, trucking vendors, and others, all in one place.

Information Management

Easily view information for each provider to ensure smooth collaboration.

Links Directly

Link for seamless collaboration across departments for efficient shipment handling.

CRM management

Provide Comprehensive Clients Solutions

Our CRM Module is designed to address this issue by providing our users with a comprehensive solution for managing client relationships.

Comprehensive Management

Easy to capture all aspects such as tracking all customer information, and updating information.

Track Interactions and Activities

Provide easily manage of your client, ensuring you never miss a

Improve Overall

Able to improve client experience, build stronger relationships, and grow your business.


Simplify and Keep Track About Accounting in One Place

Streamlines the invoicing and payment process, eliminates manual data entry, and provides real-time visibility into financial data.

Simplify Accounting Process

To save time, reduce errors, and gain real-time visibility into financial performance.

One Place to Manage All

Effortlessly manage receipts and payments in one place, staying on top of finances.

Clear Overview

Get visibility into all your financial transactions and be able to make informed decisions.


Get A Clear Overview of Your Business Financial

Our system has integrated finance reports that provide you with a comprehensive understanding of your business's financial health.


Get detailed information about the financial with P&L, Debt, and Cash Flow statements.

Overall Profitability

Gain insights into business performance with accurate revenue and expense tracking.

Crucial Financial

Access information easily and have finance reports for comprehensive insights.

Business Analytics

Gain Valuable Insights Logistics and Transportation Operations

To make more informed decisions and optimize their operations for improved performance, increased efficiency, and better customer service.


Include analytics tools for finance, sales performance, cargo volume, shipment, client, receivable, and payable.

Data Visualization

Give businesses an easy and intuitive view of complex data.

Predictive Analytics

Forecast demand, anticipate disruptions, and identify cost-saving opportunities.

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