Gain valuable insights into logistics operations, make informed decisions, and optimize supply chain management processes.


Improve Financial and Increase Profitability

With its comprehensive financial metrics; and detailed dashboards, businesses can gain valuable insights into their financial performance.

Comprehensive Statistics

A range of financial metrics, including revenue, expenses, and profitability, allows to track finances over time.

Intuitive Platform

Detailed reports and dashboards allow businesses to capture their financial data in a fast, intuitive way.

Full Follow Up

Enables to perform cost analysis and track financial performance by customer, product, and service,...


Optimize Sales Strategies and Improve Revenue

Gain valuable insights into sales performance and a competitive edge and achieve sales goals.


Get an overview of sales performance using dashboards and images multiple items like Leads, Quotes...

Quote Statistics

Track and analyze sales quotes, including Draft, Sent, Blocked,.. and also total value, percent.

Account Manager

Analyze team performance, and identify areas for improvement in sales processes.


Analyze Cargo Data Visually

Detailed reports and dashboards that enable businesses to analyze their cargo data visually, quickly identifying trends, patterns, and inefficiencies.

Full Tracking

Track cargo volume metrics, measurement of cargo, and the capacity of cargo (TEUs).


Total figures for; Shipment type, Shipment mode, Shipment by Clients,... Filtering by ETA, ETD.

Data Visualization

View and identify metrics quickly, and have a more intuitive and complete view.


Optimize and Increase Profitability

Manage who has access to data and what actions they can perform, reducing the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access.


Includes reports on Revenue, Cost, and Profit streams from shipments to monitor pricing strategies.

Efficiency Analysis

Provides insights into shipment type, to identify the most efficient transportation and cost-effective.


Analyzing shipment data by mode, client, provider, gain valuable insights into their operations.


Gain deep insights into their logistics Operations

With its analytics capabilities, Freightek helps optimize logistics operations, reduce costs, and improve overall supply chain performance.

Profit/Loss Tracking

Track the profitability of shipments by providing cost analysis tools to track the profit/loss margins.


Monitor the volume of shipments and optimize logistics operations accordingly.

Improvement Analytics

A range of statistics, and analytics on FCL, LCL, Air, FCL, FTL, and LTL to identify areas for improvement.