Customer Support

Freightek software simplifies and automatically customer support processes, to improve overall efficiency, resulting in better customer satisfaction.

Shipments Management

Track & Update All Shipments Info in One Place

1. Manage Profit Rate in USD and percentage.
2. Management of Commission rates.
3. Manage prices in shipments.
4. Manage and update the progress of the shipments.
5. Online communication tool in shipments.
Shipments Management

Create Files and Documents Automatically

With the form made available by the system:
  • Quotes.
  • Booking.
  • Document FCL, LCL, Air, Truck, SI, Bill of Lading, DO, AN.
  • Manifest.
Client Portal

Deliver Better Customer Experience

1. Customers receive direct quotes.
2. Direct feedback with the forwarder.
3. Track the information, status, costs, and invoices of your shipments.

Automatic Debt Tracking

Set a payment limit and term for each customer from the beginning, the system will help you monitor and alert based on that setting.

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