Logistics & Shipping

Maximize your logistics & shipping business with the right software solution.


Supply Chain Management

Working manually can be very difficult for the supply chain management team, but when applying technology, things will be different.


Instead of having to spend time managing orders one by one, with Freightek software you can manage multiple orders at once.

Save human resources

If in the past you need a lot of people to be able to manage all the orders. But now, just 1 or 2 people can also manage from A to Z.

Easy management

Manual management is more difficult and prone to many problems. But when applying the software, you will reduce errors by up to 90%.


Customer Service that Comes Standard

The customer service team must provide timely updates on the order and resolve any issues that arise during shipping. And if you still use the manual method, it must be a difficult task.

Faster Processing

With automated software solutions, it can take less time to process orders, and update customers about their shipments.

Fixing human error

Using a manual system can cause errors due to human error. But by applying modern systems you can eliminate these errors quickly.

Manage requests more effectively

Automated solutions are much more efficient at managing customer requests.


Organize shipping data, simplify logistics!

The most effective is our data-driven approach which allows you to make real-time decisions based on factual information, giving you the power to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Secure & Scalable Data Storage

Data security is of paramount importance when it comes to shipping data. That's why you need Freightek software, to protect sensitive information from unauthorized access.

Data-driven Solutions

Our data-driven solutions help you get a better understanding of your logistics operations, allowing you to make smarter decisions and optimize performance.

Data at Your Fingertips

Our intuitive dashboard gives you full visibility over all your operations, allowing you to quickly access and analyze data for better decision making.

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