Accounting and Finance

Freightek software is a great solution that helps accounting departments easily manage financial operations, reduce errors and increase overall efficiency.


Automatic Debt Tracking

1. Set payment limit and term for each customer from the beginning, the system will help you to monitor and alert based on that setting.
2. Detailed book of debts of each customer.
Integration App

Export E-Invoice Directly on Freightek System

The system has data linkage with accounting software and electronic invoice software, helping the accounting department to work more quickly and conveniently.

Automatic Storage of Revenue, Expenditure Records

1. Management of domestic Debit/Credit and agents (Combined Debit/Credit with ref number).
2. Manage Customer invoices and Revenue of each shipment or total shipments.
3. Manage Supplier Invoices and shipment Costs.
4. Manage customer and supplier debt.
5. Manage Payment Proposals and Browse Payments.
6. Manage Collecting money from customers and paying suppliers.
7. Management of Collections and Payments.
8. Management of Receipts, Payment slips.
9. Manage e-invoices.
Finance Report

Monitor The Company's Business and Calculate Cash Flow Automatically

1. Report Profit & Lost results for the whole company.
2. Debts report according to SOA and details
3. Cashflow report.
Forms Creation

Create Various Types of Accounting Documents Easily with Pre-built Templates

1. Debit notes/ Credit notes
2. Invoice.
3. Receipts, Payment slips.

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