Systems Administration

Freightek software with a user-friendly and automated interface; is designed to simplify system management and provide convenience to its users.

Workspace Management

Manage Departments By A Group of Jobs

1. Generate Group:
  • Board of directors.
  • Pricing.
  • Sales.
  • Custom.
  • Documents.
  • Operations.
  • Accounting.
  • Others...
2. Invite users to company personnel.
Workspace Management

Managing System Settings

1. Company Information.
2. The company's Price Level group is for each customer. (Markup rate).
3. Library of Transportation, Local Charges, Services (Library).
4. Set the exchange rate, and display the hour, Number of vouchers.
5. Settings Display Number of Document: shipments, Quotes, Booking, House Bill.
Workspace Management

Management Types of Services and Goods

1. Sea FCL, LCL, Air, Truck FCL, FTL, LTL, Others.
2. Export, Import, Logistic, MIS, Others.
3. Freehand, Nominated.
Workflow Automation

Process Settings

1. By type of transport: FCL, LCL, AIR, Truck FCL, LCL, LTL, Others.
2. By type of goods: Export, Import, Logistics, Others.
Permission Management

Human Resource Management

1. Delegating job functions.
2. Delegating the right to appoint customers.
3. Decentralization of management by departments.
Tasks Management

Task Management Function

1. Create Tasks.
2. Manage Lists and Tasks status.

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