CEO and Managers

With Freightek software, CEOs and managers can easily manage logistics operations, and monitor business growth, resulting in increased efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

Business Analytics

Comprehensive Data on All Aspects of Your Business

Real-time reporting function:
1. Profit & Lost Result Report.
  • According to the carrier.
  • According to the customer.
  • According to account manager.
  • According to shipment.
  • According to invoice number.
  • According to the type of transportation.
  • According to shipments status.
  • According to ETA, ETD . dates.
  • According to BL, cont , seal, booking number.
2. Report on sales activities: Sales performance.
3. Report the number of shipments over time.
4. Sales report (Account Manager).
5. Report Profit & Lost results company-wide.
6. Report Debts according to SOA and details.
7. Cashflow statement.
Workflow Automation

Set Up Workflow According to Your Company's Process

Setting Processing:
  • According to each type of transportation: FCL, LCL, AIR, Truck FCL, LCL, LTL, Others.
  • According to goods type: Export, Import, Logistics, Others.
Permission Management

Easy Decentralization

1. Decentralize departments and personnel.
2. Set up or remove permissions for each function and feature for the department and personnel.
Tasks Management

Assigning and Managing Tasks for Everyone is so Easy

1. Create a Work Task.
2. Manage the list and status of Tasks.

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