Tasks Management

A valuable tool for companies looking to optimize their operations and improve customer service.


More Efficient Task Management

With task creation, assignment, and set status, both the assignor and receiver of the task have it all clear.

Task Creation

Create a task with the "New" button, Then just write the name of the task on the "Name" field.


Assign tasks to team members or departments, ensuring that everyone knows what needs to be done.

Task Prioritization

Prioritize tasks based on their importance, ensuring that critical tasks are completed first.


Intuitive and Modern System to Manage Tasks

Array of features related to tasks management that can help businesses streamline their operations and improve their productivity


The system provides an intuitive view, to capture the whole scene quickly with just one look.


Task states are grouped in columns to easily capture and manage, the status of each task

Task Performance

Detailed information on task performance, allowing users to identify areas for improvement.


A Comprehensive Set of Features Related

Work more efficiently with useful tools that deliver more benefits than you put in.

Status Tracking

Real-time tracking of task status, allowing users to see which tasks are overdue or in progress.

Automation Reminders

Send reminders for tasks that are due soon or overdue, reducing the risk of missed deadlines.

Customizable Workflows

Customize task workflows, ensuring that tasks are completed according to their unique processes.