Sales Page Funnels

Freightek software provides several features with workspace management, optimization of workflow, and increasing efficiency.


A Range of Smoothness Features

Create and launch a high-converting sales funnel that delivers a smooth and seamless user experience.

Fast-Loading Pages

To ensure that you can quickly use & navigate without experiencing delays or technical issues.

Intuitive Interface

This makes it easy for you to create and launch your sales funnel quickly and easily.

Mobile-Responsive Design

This ensures that the sales funnel is easy to navigate and view on both desktop and mobile devices.


Sell Better and Boost Sales

Reshape how you sell online with the power of funnels. Converting 3-5 times better than regular e-commerce pages.

Custom Checkouts

Customize the checkout pages the way you want.

Click Upsells & Offers

You can upsell products and services with every checkout to increase your order value.

Detailed Analytics

In-depth analytics about your traffic, conversions, and sales happening on your funnels.

Survey and quiz

An Essential Component of Any Effective Sales Funnel

A powerful way to engage with potential customers and collect valuable information that can be used to tailor marketing messages and drive sales.

Template Optimization

Optimized layouts, design elements, and questions that can engage with visitors and drive conversions.

Lead Generation

Capture customer information, thereby capturing individual needs, to turn them into potential customers.


Tailor the questions and answers based on the visitor's demographics, interests, and behaviors.