Cloud Storage

Manage large amounts of data related to shipping and logistics operations and optimize transportation and shipping operations.


Flexible Operations, Improve Performance

Agile and responsive to changing market conditions, allowing to adapt quickly and efficiently to increased demand.


Easily scale up or down storage capacity based on current needs

Remote Working

Manage operations remotely and collaborate with partners and vendors in different locations

Mutual Benefit

Departments comfortably store and update information continuously without having to worry about issues.


Strong Scalability, with No Limit

As a business grows and its shipping volume increases, the amount of data generated also increases. And Freightek software ensures that this problem is always solved.


Have a completely comfortable focus on growing business, without worrying about limited data storage.

Easily Scale Up

Makes sure to provide the necessary amount of data to meet the business's growing needs.


There is no need to invest in expensive hardware or IT infrastructure.


Highly Secure for Storing and Accessing Information

With complete peace of mind when working and storing information, Freightek ensures that your documents are confidential.

Advanced Encryption

Sensitive data related to shipping documents, invoices, and more, is protected from unauthorized access.

Cloud-Based Nature

Accessing data from anywhere with an internet connection, enabling management operations remotely.

Reduce The Risk

Minimize significant data breaches or unauthorized access, safeguarding operations and protecting reputation.